What is spacetours?

Spacetours is an audio universe, sound and music. All created by Søren Bie since the late 1980’ties

Its independent non-profit electronic music compositions, SFX, field recordings. It’s a personal playground in a virtual digitally sci-fi universe. The Spacestation, or spacetours has no relations to real life. I create audio and music for the inside planetarium (New-age space-music type compositions.) Electronic House, Trance & Techno.

The instrument used, is Synthesizers, and software based synths etc. My aim is to create a huge database of audio music, samples, recordings of some of my works. All creations is unsigned, underground & independent works. Made for my own pleasure and for the fun of it. Its a hobby and this is my playground.

This collection contains a large number of new but also old works, + some guest creations.

Please enjoy


Why this website?
First of all to celebrate 20 years creating producing music/audio design, that mainly has existed as nonprofit underground music.

Second. To have a platform, where I can find a general view over my audio productions in the future, by making the ‘spacetours’ visual.

And least, but not least share my sci-fi fantasy and compositions with the world.


Where do you find the creations?
All audio works is shared directly from my “inner space” music studio out to cyber space here at this website, and my Soundcloud page.

For now, this site is perfect playground for any of my virtual outer space audio fantasies, and good place to share my creations.


When time allows, and I feel like it. Each track can take many months before I find it finish. I only put new tracks, and works in progress online, if I’m not occupied with my other creative projects. Next to sound design and music making and, I also switch working between graphical design, painting, and studying medieval history.