Probably pretending


Release Date: 2008
BPM: 82
Genre: Ambient – chill
Total Length: 8:00
Format: AIF
Size: 84 MB
Catalog: ABC123


This work is an original creation produced and created by Søren Bie “spacetours”
Free to use, free to share, free to redistribute. You may sample and remix the music so long as you attribute the composer and do not directly sell the original recordings for profit. All material is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

Poem: Lars-Gunnar Bodin
Tape realized at the Stockholm Conservatory studio, 1977

This track came like a warm summer wind in 2008 – created almost in one day. It was stuck in my head for weeks. The Swedish vocal sample is from a old poetry vinyl record from the seventies. I actually meet two Swedish medieval reactors later that summer. I try to explain about this track that I just had created, but with no luck, I don’t think a track like this can be explain in words. I love the Swedish language. Its very colorful.

My nice and Godchild Michelle was the fist to hear the final version. She mention that I mostly created “dark Gothic music” but this one was light and happy. Its the fist track where I use the French harmonica. This track is dedicated to a dear friend of mine named Sophie Levy. We had a short chat online one day, while this track was in the making. She was going trough a ruff time. Something about an old boy friend, that was serious and deadly sick. I wish I could create a tune like this often – but for now – this will always remind me about a sad redhead girl summer 2008.