AIR (Real Outside AIR)

Original Video Extended Version (2000)


Release Date: 2000
BPM: ?
Genre: Electro house
Total Length: 4:46
Format: AIF
Size: 51 MB
Catalog: ABC123


This work is an original creation produced and created by Søren Bie “spacetours”
Free to use, free to share, free to redistribute. You may sample and remix the music so long as you attribute the composer and do not directly sell the original recordings for profit. All material is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

In the creative year of 2000, A bunch of young cool creative students from the Danish film, and acting Academies ask me if I would like to have a music video done. There goal was to get some experience and just celebrate free creativity, and as long it was an independent project and non profit, then it was fine with me. I personally love the result. I will always be great full for this fine creative work, and a huge thanks goes to all included in this project.

The Music
The track was originally one minute longer – but was cut down for the video, by the filmmakers. This is the Original Video Extended Version. The vocal samples used in the track, is samples from the cool Sci-Fi flick “Outland” starring Sean Connery (1981).

The song was originally recreated from an older track named Bass walker, where I created new samples, drums and bass line and it ended up to become a completely new track, and AIR (Real Outside Air) was born 6.Sept – 2000. The style is an clean example of the techno/dance scene late 90ties.

The Music Video

The shooting of the film took mainly place around in my own neighbourhood, Copenhagen Denmark. I didn’t have no influence with the story or the filming whatsoever. My part was only to create the music, they could work out from. The amazing actress Laura Drasbaek’s role was to play an sexy cyber chick, running with Deetox spacetours secret downloaded tracks, while she was chased by the mysterious men in black. In the year 2000 Mp3 music downloading was very bad. (The time before iTunes and spotify) I have always seen the video, something like “information want’s to be free” or something like that.