Above The Waterline


Release Date: Dec 22, 2013
BPM: 125
Genre: Electro
Total Length: 6:13
Format: AIF
Size: 35 MB
Catalog: ABC123


This work is an original creation produced and created by Søren Bie “spacetours”
Free to use, free to share, free to redistribute. You may sample and remix the music so long as you attribute the composer and do not directly sell the original recordings for profit. All material is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license

This track was first created as a commissioned work.
 A track formerly known as “Shunshine” turn out to bee a totally remake and another track.

Robert De Niro, vocal samples from the movie: Being Flynn (2012)

Jonathan Flynn: Out of curiosity, why have you not ever asked me to stay with you before?

Nick Flynn: I thought if you try and save a drowning man you might go down, too.

This track was first created as a commissioned work. However, it was not selected, but the demo inspired the singer anyway to proceed with the project and other produce took over. They came so far that they participated in the Greek Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, they did not advance to the finals 2014. I work on this track a lot more and it ended up being quite different from the original idea. It has become more aggressive and hardt striking in all the drums. Robert De Niro is also subject to a sauce of effects just as I wanted it. I will return to this track at times and adjust and modify when I do not really feel it is completely finished. Hoping to make some remixes in the future.