The Complete History

The Early Years

My fist recollections of sound making, was with my grandmothers piano. She was a professional pianist and at age 70 still played the piano to entertain. She is the main reason that I fall in love with creating music. I especially remember how amazed I was, over the long spacey sound, the piano gave, when the sustain pedal was kept down. I suppose the fist real “spacetours” began here, while she and my parents was drinking tea in the kitchen, they left me alone, with the piano. Here I eventually learn it by myself by experimenting and lots of daydreaming.

My fist experience with electronic music was Jean Michel Jarre’s two albums “Oxygen (1976), and Equinox (1978) Only these two albums stand out for me, not his later productions.

Funk & Disco

In the magic years from 1975 to 1979
I spend the summer vacation a kid’s summer camp.
The most grown ups guys, include me was allowed to go to the local towns. Here we experience the two new and competing Discotheques. Look at this DJ list to see what was pumping out of the speakers.

These ‘disco’ summers became, an unforgettable musical experience.
Some years later on, I spend all my money on imported vinyls, and it ended up, with having my own huge DJ and disco lights FX setup. Together with a DJ, we tour around to private parties for some funky years, until the disco slowly died in the start eighties.

High School

Later my older brother inspired me, to begin playing drums and percussion just like him.
Clearly I was looking up to his great musicality, and follow any direction he went. I went to the same High School as him, not once, but two times, right after each other, because it was so good. I also did a third High School later on, but this was a more serious one, and here my drum playing was more and less fully developed.

It was also my brother who introduced me, for the synthesizers and drum machines.
He now worked in a music store selling instruments, and had always a new synthesizers model at home, to learn its functions. While he was a work, I was in heaven playing and programming these amazing instruments.

Then I sold the light FX equipment, and use the money to trawling around Europe by train.
In London, I ran into some amazing electric boogie and break-dancers.
This “new thing” called Hip Hop blew my mind. This new music had banging drum machine beats and electronic robot music in focus. It was also here I was introduced to a new instrument – the sampler.
Another cool magic summer

Hip Hop

Back in Denmark I became one of the pioneers in the Danish Hip Hop Scene.
And the mid 80’ties these Hip Hop Years was for me very creative.
The rap or dance genre didn’t really appeal to me, but it became the spray can art, that gave me tree unforgettable highlights in my life.

The fist was by pure luck.
I helped out with Denmark’s very first “top to bottom whole car”, (complete train) known as ‘Eyes’.
I only did a little part filling out the background, but even that it is for me an only lifetime experience.

Second, I dissipated in Denmark’s very first official graffiti exhibition. Here I sold all my 15 paintings.
And with that “The Hip Hop years” ended when I was caught by the Police in 1987, but this last exhibition gave me a bunch of money. And for those, I bought my very fist synthesizer – Roland D-50 & the programmer PG-1000.

Third. For many years, I was lucky to have some huge storerooms for a cheap rent.
Here the creativity grows in all kind of directions, and it was here one of Denmark’s fist Hip Hop band came to life. Later known as MC Ejner. The special with this group became it chose to perform their lyrics in our own native language Danish. I only dissipated in this music project a bit, and I suppose the best experience was when the group performed the fist public concert. Here my new synthesizer D-50 was used and played by me. By luck I recorded it with my recordable Walkman, but it ran out of batteries right after the fist number.

Central America

In steed of keep following the Danish Hip Hop scene, that more a less ended in main stream, where it still is today I chose to visit my older brother, that had settle down in Guatemala Central America.

He was now living of making music. He had started his own commercial music company, and here I helped him out by programming beats and creating sounds. It was also here I had my fist experience with field recordings. It became to eight visits to Central America.
The 80 and 90’ties Hip Hop pioneering, and the visits to Central America is today for me a huge highlight for me regarding music making. I suppose, that it has also give my music universe a bit of ‘flavor’ today. But not as much as the Brazilian street samba.

Carnival & Brazilian samba school

I had dissipated in Copenhagen Carnival since it started in 1982.
I took a very active part, every year by toying with these cool hypnotic Brazilian beats, which still today has a huge place in my heart. Those cool “Brazilian percussion years”, ended up in 1996-97, with the role as a maestro, controlling sometimes controlling up to 40 musicians at once. I learn much these years, collaborating with dancers, and singing. It gave me priceless street experience; you can learn in any music school.

Sci-fi Art and the start of outer space attraction

I think it most have started when I was a kid kid, with the Moonbase Alpha, space 1999 TV series.
Later when Star wars came I was sold. But it was Blade Runner, and Alien 1 and especially part 2 that got me into making my own miniature spacecraft models. Became a third part of an Art association that we called “B-106 space design” exclusive with space Art. For a period, I only work with SCI-FI as Art and design. This Art group was dissolved after three crazy but cool exhibitions.

I keep the interest in SCI-FI but began to wave it into sound, and around 1994 ‘Deetox spacetours’ was developed. The music I created in these years slowly became more and more full of samples from all kinds of Sci-fi movies, and TV shows. The science fiction, and future visions has always got me curious, and ended up to become a huge part of my music today, that I still use it for a main theme in many music productions.

Techno, Trance & House music

In he early nineties, and or the Central America years, as I call it, is where my music become mature, and has it strongest foundation. When I was here in Denmark, I experimented with this new type of music called Acid and House later it developed into Techno by using my fist and brand new Mac computer.

I went to huge underground rave gatherings. It was truly hypnotic and fascinating this new pumping music, and since then I have been working with dance music, in it’s all kind of flavors.

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