Deep meditative space drone soundscapes

Designed for meditation or relaxation

In the “sound-space-travels” (Spacetours), the pace is quite lowered. The frequencies are often so deep that the vibrations get one into a meditative state. These space tours can last up to half an hour or more and are specially designed for headphones of higher quality. My goal is to design “goodies” for the discerning listener’s ears. To have the listener join in my imaginary travels around the planets, inner space and outer space. These audio travels are especially created for meditative use. I mix layers of various sound effects and mix my own recordings over them. Sometimes I work with a specific theme and from a fantasy where I’m trying to recreate a sound image, like a dream, Titanic or Jeanne d’Arc. The sound waves and frequencies can be so deep that your inner cinema goes to sleep. Perhaps even heals?

Sleep Easily Meditation.

Meditative music can be very relaxing for many individuals. This is particularly beneficial for those who live in a busy city area, where the sounds of traffic, trains, and sirens are constantly coming through the walls.