Philosophy & Acoustics

Sound waves cannot travel through the vacuum of space. However, electromagnetic waves can. These electromagnetic waves can be detected by devices called spectrographs in giant telescopes. You can convert these electromagnetic waves into soundwaves, reducing the frequency 1750 billion times since the original frequencies are too high for humans or even dogs to hear them.

Thus you can listen to many areas of the Universe. For example, you can hear the song from a comet, chimes when stars are being born or are dying, the choir of a quasar, or the heart of a galaxy – and even more.

All this of course is by virtue of NASA and this has to date been my main source of inspiration for the creation of Spacetours. In my imagination, I imagine that I step out of my spaceship after the many trips into space. Then I process all the spacesounds I have gathered and transform them into electronic music in many different styles.

I use hardware & software synthesizers. My goal is to design “goodies” for the discerning listener’s ears. To have the listener join in my imaginary travels around the planets. Flying high/falling deep is true, so some of my audio travels are especially created for meditative use. In these the sound waves and frequencies are so deep that your inner cinema almost goes to sleep, perhaps even heals?