Field Recordings

Since I was very young I have collected sounds and each time I “see/hear” an opportunity for a special, a different sound, I try to “catch” it.

I’m very fascinated by wind and natural soundscapes that I often use in my Spacetours. For many years I have recorded conversations and conducted interviews with friends and acquaintances, as well as some concert footage.

I share some of my recordings via Here I have received positive response from musicians and game designers who make use of the recordings, something which pleases me very much.

Me, recording an old medieval church bell

Autumn Forest Wind. Light Gusts. Rustling leaves in birch trees. Birds.

Soundscapes of natural white noise of moderate intensity. Some are stagnant or static and with few birds. The presents of the colorful red and yellow dry leaves that is still on the trees, creates the noise of the wind with rustling whispers. Is a constantly form of natural white noise that is always changing and evolving. These recordings is from my third attempt.

I think it is very difficult to record the “spirit” and unique sound of the wind. This is pure natural wind sounds (no layering, no post-processing, no synthesizers). Originally recorded at 24 bit Sony DAT TCD-D7 on a Sony ECM-909 microphone. Recorded in Sweden September of 2007 in a wet cold beautiful colourful forest, with all kind of trees, far away from any traffic or human sounds.