Main works and finished mixed productions

On this page you can see an overview of a relatively large part of my music productions. It’s far from all the tracks that are online, as well as a large part, not included in the list, such as past and unfinished productions. The list mainly focuses on my main works and finished mixed productions. A few live performance, and works that only exist on cassette tape from early years etc. are not listed yet. Each track has its own separate page, with info, cover art, and a few with loops, SFX included.

Chemical Based Solutions (2018)
Collision (The Toy Piano Song) (2013)
Combustion (2006)
Comet Hale – Bob (2000)
Cosmic Sleep (Stories of India) + I been rob Remix (2000)

The Wartunes [Tape] (1993)
Windshield (2009)

CD’s + Compilations Mixes
1993 – War tunes [Tape]
1996 – Under [Tape]
1995 – Fantastic Plastic [Tape]
1998 – Wings From The Orient

MIX 01 • RM50 Microwaves.
MIX 02 • Flyby Some Soulful Sonic Science
MIX 03 • Train 2 India (Planet without Religion mix)

Live Performences
1993 – Live: Kims Kaput (Copenhagen)
1994 – Live: Surprise (Guatemala CA.)
1994 – Live: Eigens Ballroom (Copenhagen)
1995 – Live: P.P (Copenhagen)
1999 – Live: SAND Fashion-show [Holmen] (Copenhagen)