Spacetours sound & music productions

All sound and recordings are created by the producer Søren Bie, living in Copenhagen Denmark.

The sound & music creations acts in the blurring between electronica, ambient, techno, soundscapes, and field recordings. The music and sound creations sounds best with High-end headphones that can handle very deep frequencies. If you enjoy it, then please re-post it, leave a comment or follow my soundcloud page.

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Søren Bie / spacetours

Latest release

Selected electrocuted house works

Relaxing extended ambient & drone soundscapes

Designed for meditation or relaxation. The frequencies are often so deep that the vibrations get one into a meditative state. The space tours can last up to half an hour or more and are specially designed for headphones of higher quality.

Sleep Easily Meditation.

Meditative music can be very relaxing for many individuals. This is particularly beneficial for those who live in a busy city area, where the sounds of traffic, trains, and sirens are constantly coming through the walls.

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